There I am, your’s truly! Unless you’re blind or have no concept of matrimonial images, I am in a wedding dress. That man is my husband the day that we got married a little over a year ago. He was (and still is) so handsome. . .sigh.

My apologies, you didn’t come here to read about how handsome my husband is. The thing is, we haven’t seen each other since October 14th, 2013 due to deployment. Thank God he is due back soon.

To answer a (possible) question for the readers – “Why are you just now starting a blog?” – I’m also a college athlete, so all the time that was dedicated to class, practice, track meets, and work has pleasurably cleared up!

So, here it is, my very first post in my very first blog.

What makes up my life:

  • Senior at Doane College in Nebraska
  • English Major with an emphasis in Creative Writing (focusing on Creative Non-fiction and Poetry)
  • Two time All-American in shot put for the Track and Field Team (that means I’ve placed top 8 at the National level)
  • Military wife (in case, you know, the dots didn’t quite get connected up top)
  • Married a month before my 21st (it can be done folks, the whole marrying in college thing)

Looks like that pretty much covers the basics. You now know my life and what I look like. As for the purpose of the blog, it’s going to contain my own writing. . .for now. I’m trying to make my way in this world! Please read, like, and share me everywhere!

Thanks, guys 😀



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