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Mother May I

Mother may I take your hand, the one you waited for me to hold?
Mother may I spend hour after hour, day after day with you?
Mother may I fill your cup to the top with ice and pour you more pop?
Mother may I drive you to town and buy you every glittering piece of jewelry you lay your eyes on?
Mother may I clean the house until it makes you smile?
Mother may I call you anytime, day or night?
Mother may I fix all of your pains?

Mother, may I have you back now?


i have found what you are like

An adaptation of e.e. cummings’ poem by the same title. See if you can spot the differences! 

i have found what you are like
the wind
(Who cautiously caresses cheek
with the anxious longing of hands, wreaks

uncommon want in skin
and disappears, the ghostly loss of

the air of utterable coolness

breaths of fading light
with pained
newfragile hope
come and go
-in my heart
And the warmth of your breeze is
a stirringofbirds between my arms;but
i should rather than anything
have(almost when hugeness will shut
your kiss

The Relationship Between Me and Death

I have met with Death, it showed no care for me,

It looked me face to face but left me alone.

Suppose it knows Life’s plan for me

And knows he cannot interfere. . .


Life and I run away from him.

Life challenges me and I antagonize it.

And Death? He sits back watching the show.

When he comes for me, if it is before the time of my beloved,

I will push and fight and kick and scream

And will not go.

The Reaper

Dance Upon the Ruin of My Walls

Dance upon the ruin of my walls,

They’ve fallen for you;

Heart and soul, they’ve fallen for you.

Don’t you know how you change me?

You rebuild a low wall,

Step over it and enter,

Welcoming yourself and

Taking my trembling hands.

Don’t you know how you ground me?

You embrace me in a robe of your arms,

Sturdy as the earth beneath my feet.

You’ve pursued me to my hiding place,

And discovered me there.