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A Short Post

Sure, I don’t have many followers. Sure, many won’t have noticed my lack of posting.

But for those who may have noticed, here is why.

July 1st my husband returned from deployment. All of my time has been getting to relearn and re-enjoy being with him.

August 8th my momma passed away. Today was her funeral. She was 43.

Time alone will give me the ability to think and reflect and process on perhaps the biggest physical and mental shock I’ll ever live through. Someday I hope to post something like what I’ve done with my dad’s death (Waiting to Die, not yet posted in entirety).


Kurt Vonnegut’s eight rules for writing a short story

Things to keep in mind…

Cristian Mihai

Kurt Vonnegut, one of the most influential writers of this century, passed down a simple list of rules for writing a short story, though I think they can be applied to longer narratives as well.

He did say that Flannery O’Connor broke all his rules except the first and that great writers tend to do that, but I believe his famous eight rules can provide a skeleton to writing fiction.

And I think that this is what’s really important in art. A foundation. Simply by reading or following rules, or by taking creative writing courses, but it’s also crucial for the artist to make his own decisions. The moment rules start feeling like a cage, you should escape. It’s like strolling through a garden and picking the flowers you like. If you absorb too much or if you simply follow rules (someone else is choosing what flowers you should pick)…

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