A sort-of-smash-poem. For the Christians out there.



In the morning my eyes will be swollen.

These roads I’ve been taking are tollin’,

Yeah, rackin up bills that I can’t fulfill,

That I can’t fulfill. . .


My heart aches for the things that I’ve done,

Battles that can’t be re-won;

Re-won by someone that deserves the title.

Yeah, he deserves it but all the while,

He just sits back and he smiles.


He knows what’s gonna come of this,

This ridiculousness.

He knows I’ll come crawling back to him and

He’ll be there just like he’s always been.

Just like he’s always been.


God, open your arms and hold me again.

I’ve been so full of sin, just like a garbage bin.

Empty me out and fill me once more,

Show me your glory Lord.

You are glorious, Lord.

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